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Wedding Astrology: A Match Made with Heaven
by Jeff Harman

This year thousands of newly engaged couples will begin to plan their weddings. Modern day “Wise Men” (and women) otherwise known as astrologers are helping some couples to select auspicious dates and times for their ceremonies. This service is called Electional Astrology--the art of timing an important event. Astrologers know that the moment of pronouncement, which happens right after the vows, cements the energy for the entire marriage, whether for good or ill. “I now pronounce you . . .” creates the astrological blueprint for the entire marriage, and this chart can be read out into the future.

     Electional Astrology has been around for over two thousand years, and is common in India, where having a family astrologer is like having a family doctor. Those in the know in Europe, the Middle East, and America
have also used astrologers to schedule weddings, coronations, presidential swearing-in ceremonies, medical treatments, and building construction. George Washington laid the cornerstone of the U.S. Capitol building at an auspicious astrological time. Ronald Reagan was sworn in as governor of California in the middle of the night in order to take advantage of good astrological conditions.

     Shah Jahan, the emperor who commissioned the Taj Mahal, waited five years for a good wedding date. But modern couples don’t have to be that patient. Electional astrologers work with all kinds of limitations. Some clients allow months in which to search for the best energy the universe has to offer, while others just want to choose from the best Saturday afternoon in June.

     An astrologer will offer up a short list of possible dates, and then it is up to the couple to determine what compromises they are willing to make and select the date that strengthens energies they consider most important. Since humans can’t go up in space and move the planets around, there is rarely an absolutely perfect marriage chart.

     The astrologer will also want to look at the birth data for each person. Great wedding dates are not one-size-fits-all. Finally, the astrologer needs to know the location of the ceremony.

     Celebrity weddings offer a chance to examine the validity of this practice, but beware, the following analyses are limited, as only the dates--not times were made public.

     Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman on March 12, 1969 in London, when the Moon was in a soft sextile to the Sun, offering a sweet friendship kind of energy. Later, he married Heather Mills on June 11, 2002 in Glasgow, with Moon conjunct Mars, signaling lots of conflict.

     Bill and Melinda Gates enjoyed a very auspicious wedding on the Hawaiian island of Lanai on January 1, 1994. Planetary positions that were in force included: Moon trine Venus = an emotionally blissful marriage; Moon trine Mars = getting along well; Moon trine Jupiter = abundance of kindness and money; Moon trine Sun = smooth, flowing energy; Venus sextile Jupiter = wealth and generosity.

     Nicole Brown and O.J. Simpson were married February 2, 1985. Venus was conjunct Mars, indicating intense passion, but Mars and Venus were squaring Neptune, meaning deception and drugs would enter the marriage.      Before tying the knot, couples can opt for a compatibility reading to see how they relate on all levels, including spiritual, sexual, financial, emotional, and intellectual. They can also take advantage of Interrogation Astrology, which allows them to get a specific answer to a question such as, “Is it in our best interest to get married?”

     An Astro-cartography reading maps a person’s energy geographically, allowing a couple to see the planetary energies affecting locations--useful when choosing where to go on a honeymoon, not to mention where to live happily ever after. Couples may also consult an astrologer for a good day to move in together, to buy or lease a house, or to begin construction.

     A vedic astrologer or jyotisha can prescribe gems for the couple who wish to create custom wedding rings that are powerful as well as beautiful. Gems are chosen based on a person’s strong and weak planets. Diamonds are not ideal for everyone, but correctly prescribed natural gems will balance the energies of the wearer.

     For couples planning children, astrologers can determine good days for conceiving a child of a desired gender, and find an ideal birth window for a baby should the mother require a scheduled C-section. They can help with adoption plans as well.

     Working with an astrologer can help the marriage to go with the flow, so to speak. The couple should insist on someone with experience doing Electional Astrology. Just for fun, if one member of the couple was previously divorced, he or she can challenge the astrologer by giving the date, time, and location of the previous wedding. If the astrologer is any good, goose bumps will be the couples’ litmus test, as they listen to an accurate description of why the other marriage failed.

Jeff Harman is a full-service business and personal astrologer with clients worldwide. Besides scheduling numerous weddings for clients, he has first-hand experience using these techniques with his wife and son. He is second generation in the art-- practicing Vedic, Traditional, Kabbalistic, and Astro-location astrology. He is an Electional and Horary Astrologer. Jeff Harman is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, the Council of Vedic Astrologers, and the National Council for Geocosmic Research.

Jeff Harman has appeared on numerous web casts, TV, and radio shows including Coast to Coast AM. Jeff has spoken for groups such as the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants. He is available worldwide. (310) 385-8459 (818) 914-6059

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