Jeff Harman

  Conjunction, LLC

Vedic Planetary Gemology is the tradition of prescribing gemstones to correct astrological imbalances or strengthen planetary energies. Gems are prescribed based on the chart. Some gems are to be worn for life, others for certain time periods. The client will also learn which gems are never to be worn. Gems must be natural, untreated, and at least two carats in weight. They must be mounted to touch the skin. They are then cleared and charged with mantras and yantras.

     The prescribing of gems is part of a Personal Reading or Express Reading. When purchasing a proper gem from me, the cost of the gem and jewelry setting are variable. I work with excellent suppliers of natural, untreated gems, and skilled jewelers familiar with his protocols. The cost of the astrological election for setting the gem into the jewelry piece as well as receiving the instructions for charging the gem is $375.

    Call for a consultation on a design for an astral talisman which can noticeably improve your energy and life. I provide clients with pure, untreated gems suitable for a Vedic prescription.

The Elements of a Gem Prescription using Vedic Astrology

    •    Astrologically Prescribed
    •    Natural, Untreated Gems
    •    Must be at Least 3 Carats
    •    Must be Flawless or Close to Flawless
    •    Gem Should Touch the Skin
    •    Must be Set at Astrologically Good Time
    •    Must be Spiritually Cleansed
    •    Must be Charged with Correct Mantras and Yantras to Lock in Energy