The Power of Gems for Healing and Enhancing Personal Energies

Wearing the correct gemstones strengthens the auric field surrounding the body.

I was exposed to gems as powerful sources of energy a number of years ago. I had worn a gem on the advice of one of the Vedic Astrologers with whom I was studying. I was skeptical at first. I wore the gem for a number of months before I took it off and noticed an instant change in my energy. I felt tired and depleted. To put it lightly, I was simply amazed that taking off the gem had that much of an impact on me energetically! Since then I have validated this with many individuals wearing various gemstones. Each gem has its own unique energy field relating to its corresponding planetary index. See Planetary Gemology for more information. The Zohar also mentions there are corresponding angels to every gemstone. St. Hildegard of Bingen and St. Albert the Great were two Christians who espoused the benefits of gemstones.

     Well, that was it! I went on an exploration of gems, researching their various types, powers, correspondences and availability. The one thing that became very obvious to me is that western astrological gem correspondences did not fit as well as the vedic. Not that there isn't validity to tropical western astrology, but I find the vedic astrological correspondences to gems more effective in treating energy deficiencies in a person. Vedic astrology uses gemstones as medicinal therapy in various forms. I have found personally, and also through the feedback from many others, that heat treated, irradiated and color treated gems have substantially less effect on the body than high quality natural untreated gems have. I have found that man-made artificial gems have virtually no power or healing abilities. Also, the longer one wears a gemstone the more it permeates their auric field. However, Kirlian photography reveals that the aura expands almost immediately as the gem is placed on the body. I strongly suggest purchasing only natural, untreated gems!

Excerpt from The Healing Powers of Gemstones
by Harish Johari

The chemical nature of gems brings them in close contact with man. They are crystals of clear and purified chemicals that are also found in the human body. Their electromagnetic field influences the environment in a very subtle manner; their clarity makes them a pure source of energy. They serve as valuable agents of the electromagnetic energy that influences the electrochemical nature of the human organism. In addition to this they serve as ionizers-creating ionic balance inside and outside the organism. Their contact with the body becomes easy when they are embedded in pure electrolytes like copper, silver and gold and used as rings worn between two joints of the finger. Joints are naturally the most active part of the body, where the network of nerve fibers and the lymphatic fluid together serve as the assimmilators of energy emitted by the gems. With their slight and constant contact with the skin they bring changes in body chemistry by their interaction with the body's energy field, which is permeated by a complex electromagnetic field. The energy that operates in the human organism is psycho-chemical in nature and works through the nerves, tissues and fibers. In addition to this, pranic energy also works through its own channels, known as nadis, which are different from the nerves of the nervous system. The body is permeated more by pranic energy than by nerves. Gems work with both kinds of energy-psychochemical, i.e., electrochemical; and pranic, i.e., the vital life force--whether they are used as jewelry or taken orally as pastes or oxides.

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