Jeff Harman

  Conjunction, LLC

Jeff Harman offers many different services to fit your needs. Here is a brief description. Please see the drop down menu for more information.

Personal Reading $425, Jeff's most comprehensive session, over two hours long. Includes Tropical Astrology natal and transits/progressions report, Vedic Astrology (natal, dasha cycles and remedial measures including gem prescription), Interrogation Astrology and Astro-Location Astrology.

Express Reading $300, Includes Vedic Astrology (analysis including natal astrology, dasha cycles and remedial measures including gem prescription),  as well as Interrogation Astrology, and Astro-Location Astrology. This is approximately a two hour session.

Business Astrology is available as a customized service for those wishing to start a business, analyze an existing business, examine the location of a business, check compatibility with partners or employees, or make business decisions. It can look at the incorporation date of a business as its "birthday" or use other criteria to evaluate the business. It draws from many services such as electional, interrogation, and astro-location astrology. Some elements of a Business Astrology reading can be address as part of a Personal Reading or Express Reading.

Electional Astrology by quote, working with a client to select a good astrological time to do an important thing, such as schedule a wedding, surgery, business opening, contract signing, listing a house, buying a house, travel dates, conception/delivery dates, product release, legal filing, film release, etc.

Vedic Planetary Gemologyis the tradition of prescribing gemstones to correct astrological imbalances or strengthen planetary energies. Gems are prescribed based on the chart. Some gems are to be worn for life, others for certain time periods. The client will also learn which gems are never to be worn. Gems must be natural, untreated, and at least two carats in weight. They must be mounted to touch the skin. They are then cleared and charged with mantras and yantras. The prescribing of gems is included as part of a Personal Reading or Express Reading. If the client proceeds with purchasing a proper gem from Jeff, the cost of the gem and setting are variable. Jeff works with excellent suppliers of natural, untreated gems, and skilled jewelers familiar with his protocols. The fee for an election date and time for setting the gem and instructions for charging the gem is $375.

Update Reading $300 for clients who have had a Personal Reading or an Express Reading. This is an update on the new transits, progressions, and dasha cycles and astro-cartography maps as well as answering new Interrogation questions that have come up since the client's initial session.

30-Minute Interrogation Astrology $150, used for quick inquiry into a situation. Useful for making decisions. Also known as Horary or Prasna Astrology.

Astro-location Astrology $300 for an hour, or included with Personal Reading and Express Reading. This is the examination of place relative to your birth data. See your best places to live, work, and travel.

Clearing People or Property by quote. This service is based on your predicament. Jeff will instruct  you on various clearing protocols, which should be done at a good astrological time for best results. Some clearing is done by Jeff, remotely or in person.

Private Tutoring or Research by quote, Jeff is available for tutoring in various disciplines of astrology, spiritual concepts, in advanced parapsychology, Ancient Kabbalah, and Vedantic practices, including ancient disciplines of astrology such as Nadi astrology. Clients have also contracted with Jeff to provide astrological research related to their projects.

Retainer Client Status If you are in need of multiple services or would like VIP client status, consider becoming a retainer client. Retainer fee starts at $2000, and gives you better rates on services and faster response time. Many clients choose to put Jeff on retainer when they are involved in a move or the creation of a business. Other clients put Jeff on retainer because they are often signing contracts, traveling, or checking investment opportunities.