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Riding with the Stars on Your Side
By Jeff Harman

Appeared in Arizona Horse Connection Magazine, Nov. 2009 and
The Jupiter Farmer, Dec. 2009

In the early 20th Century, Col. William Hall-Walker, founder of the Irish National Stud Farm, had an amazing success record for raising winning racehorses.  He would note the birth time of each of his foals and cast their astrological charts.  The foals with great astrological indicators, he kept and raced.  Those with bad charts, he sold immediately, regardless of breeding or confirmation.

      Ronald Reagan and George Washington were two American horsemen who used astrology.  Countless kings, emperors, and members of elite society from history who were riders used astrologers because astrology has a lot to offer someone making strategic decisions. 

     High-level astrology involves much more than reading horoscopes.  Like a weather report, it offers additional information on current conditions--information that would have been useful to merchants and kings alike.  J.P. Morgan said, “Millionaires don’t use astrology—billionaires do.” 

     How does it work?  Quantum physics reveals that very distant particles are connected and in communication. The exact mechanism of astrology is still unknown, but the system functions, nonetheless. Hermetic philosophy teaches, “As above, so below.”  One can also translate that as, “As goes the rider, so goes the horse.”

      An astrologer can help horse owners in many ways.  Let’s start with some basics.  Astrologers look at planets, houses, and signs.  In astrology, horses are ruled by Saturn, Mars, and--for Arabians--include the Sun.  Horses are also signified by the 12th house and by the signs Pisces and Sagittarius.  These are the factors that would interest an astrologer when looking at charts regarding horses.

     Saturn rules tradition, law, order, conservatism, hard work, karma, and old age.  Mars rules war, conflict, athleticism, military, and police forces.  The Sun rules ego, charisma, and the self.   This combination is why horses have long been associated with labor and war, as well as the ego or charisma of a person.

     The 12th house rules horses, the subconscious, secrets, and the paranormal.  Horse mythology includes magic, travel to the stars, and casts the horse as a bridge between worlds. 

     Pisces, the twin fish, rules the emotions.  It is associated with water.  It is the most highly evolved sign, and signifies a deep understanding of the highest powers in the cosmos.

      Sagittarius, symbolized by the Centaur/archer, is the sign of animals, friendships, and adventure.  This sign is a factor the analysis of horse and rider injuries.  It represents the relationship of the rider to the horse.

     A rider could certainly benefit by having a Personal Reading, which would reveal these factors strongly aspected and placed in their birth chart.  Incidentally, these horse qualities are reflected in horse people.  Many riders are traditionalists who are in military, police, or legal professions and have a strong work ethic, love of order, friendship and adventure.  And as far as the ego is concerned, horse people are often obsessed with image, beauty, fashion, as well as skill.   For thousands of years, riders have secretly enjoyed the ego boost they’ve received from being on horseback, decked out in all their finery.

     Most horse owners do not know the time, date, and place that their horse was born.  If they do, then it is possible to cast a chart for that horse, in order to better understand its temperament, health, and life cycles.  This is what Col. Hall-Walker was doing at the Irish National Stud Farm.

     For those who don’t have that information, there are other ways an astrologer can help them minimize the risk of owning a horse.

     Horse owners can use all the assurances available for success and safety.  A good astrologer can help the horse owner to gather more information about a horse, to make good decisions, and to time important events so that the astrology is favorable.  There are two types of astrology that can be applied without knowing birth time information.

     Horary Astrology is used when a client has a question burning in the consciousness.  Upon hearing the question, the astrologer casts a chart then reads the answer by using a set of protocols.  Horary is great for making decisions and getting more information about something.  It can produce an astonishing level of detail about a situation.  It can be used for finding lost objects, people, or animals, or for finding out more about a situation that may be obscured in secrecy or deceit.
Examples of horary questions are, “Is it in my best interest to buy horse A or horse B?” or “What is the nature of my horse’s medical condition?” 

     Electional Astrology is the art of electing an auspicious time to initiate something important, such as a wedding, business opening, large purchase, or legal action.  It dates back millennia to origins in Egypt, the Middle East, and India.  It was at its height in Europe in the 17th Century before slipping into obscurity in the 18th Century.  Ronald Reagan was sworn in as governor of California at two minutes after midnight on January 2, 1967 in order to take advantage of good astrological energies. 

      Electional Astrology can be used to schedule the best time for buying or leasing a horse, horse property, or other large investment such as a trailer.  It is also great for picking a time to walk out the door when traveling to a horse show.  It can even be used, in conjunction with a vet, for selecting a good time for non-emergency surgery.  Electional Astrology is great for incorporating or setting up a horse business such as a boarding or breeding facility.

     Finally, Astro-Cartography can reveal a person’s best geographic locations.  This is very valuable information when investing in property.

     Many people have heard of the “Law of Attraction” and believe that it will help them get what they want out of life.  Working with an astrologer can help make positive thoughts work better than they would if one simply plunged ahead. 

     Used in combination with free will, hard work, and good planning, astrology offers people an edge for success in their personal and business lives and in their relationships with horses.

Jeff Harman is a full-service business and personal astrologer with clients worldwide. Besides scheduling numerous weddings for clients, he has first-hand experience using these techniques with his wife and son. He is second generation in the art-- practicing Vedic, Traditional, Kabbalistic, and Astro-location astrology. He is an Electional and Horary Astrologer. Jeff Harman is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, the Council of Vedic Astrologers, and the National Council for Geocosmic Research.

Jeff Harman has appeared on numerous web casts, TV, and radio shows including Coast to Coast AM. Jeff has spoken for groups such as the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants. He is available worldwide.

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