Jeff Harman

  Conjunction, LLC

Please be advised nothing contained in any services hereunder or any services rendered by Jeff Harman shall be construed to give any legal advice, medical advice, investment advice, or any other professional advice whatsoever. All services referred to or rendered by a result of using any such services shall be construed as "for entertainment purposes" only. You should seek professional legal or medical advice when making any crucial life decisions.

Retainer Client Status If you are in need of multiple services or would like VIP client status, consider becoming a retainer client. Retainer fee starts at $2000, and gives you better rates on services and faster response time. Many clients choose to put me on retainer when they are involved in a move or the creation of a business. Other clients put me on retainer because they are often signing contracts, traveling, or checking investment opportunities. Retainer fees expire after one year.