Jeff Harman

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Remedial Measuresare ways to correct malefic or "bad" astrological influences. Discussion of remedial measures is included in a Personal Reading or Express Reading.

In modern, western civilization the approach has been to scientifically and psychologically understand the influences of astrology on a person and prescribe a given therapy to better cope with the conditions. However, for many thousands of years Vedic astrology, the Kabbalah and the original Christian religions had methods of correcting malefic astrological influences by the following methods:

1. Understanding why the astrological influence was put upon the individual by God and thereby requiring repentance and clearing of the astral aura of the individual through fasting and other spiritual techniques too detailed to list here.

2. Through specific mantra and charities which alleviate certain karmic influences placed on the individual.

3. By using yantras which are scared diagrams which attracted certain Godly deities (angels) and also holds and connects the spiritual force created by the individual through performing mantras, prayers and other spiritual performances for specified periods of time.

4. Yoga techniques, fasting and performing certain meditations.

5. By certain acts of charities and donations to individuals which correspond to the planets (i.e. old person for Saturn, females for the Moon etc.)

6. There are extensive items which can be worn such as gems, metals, or certain colored clothing.