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Rahu = Hessonite

" In the Middle Ages, this gem was supposed to bring riches, honor and wisdom, and was considered a great charm for plague and wicked spirits.” – Mani Mala, Part I, pg. 365.

Hessonite is the best gemstone for strengthening Rahu. It is found in reddish-orange to honey color. When viewing the gem closely or under a microscope, it looks like brandy in water.

It is called "gomedak" in sanskrit, or "gomed" in Hindi, the language understood by many living in India. This gemstone has been said to increase artistic creativity and the imagination. It is also said to increase self-confidence, and reduce anxiety and fear. Because Rahu, in part, rules worldly ambitions, it can increase a person's ambition and increase subtle awareness of the senses. Physically, it is said to aid nervous system disorders and may help degenerative diseases such as cancer and immune system disorders.

Hessonite is said to help avert calamity in the wearer's life and to protect against evil spirits and dis-incarnate soul attachment. It has also been reported to prevent insanity and mental disorders. It may also avert sudden misfortunes or bad luck. It may also improve scientific abilities and technical skills.

With all of the above positive traits of the gem, one must insure that before wearing Hessonite, a competent, Vedic, Planetary Gemologist must examine the chart of the wearer. Rahu is considered a malefic (bad) planet, and wearing Hessonite strengthens Rahu. Therefore, if Rahu is maleficly-placed or aspected in the chart, it can magnify problems for the persons who wear it without proper prescription.

*I have had many clients report the positive powerful influence of wearing Hessonite rings and pendants

Its source countries are Africa, Burma and Sri Lanka.

Substitute Gems

Hyacinth  and Spessertite

Rahu Planetary Mantra = Om Ram Rahave Namaha (ohm rahm rahhahvay nahmahhah)

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