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Moon = Pearl or Moonstone

“The wearing of pearls leads to longevity and wealth, and purges the wearer of every sin. Those pearls which are possessed of every valuable quality, shield their master from every evil and suffer nothing harmful to come near him. In the house which contains a perfect pearl, the ever-restless Lakshmi chooses to make her dwelling for ever and a day.” – Mani Mala, Part I, 307, 309, 310.

Pearl and moonstone strengthen the Moon in a horoscope and may help to alleviate conditions caused by a weak chart placement. Pearl has an very calming influence on the mind, increasing feelings of love and compassion for others. Pearl and moonstone may also help peace of mind and enhance spiritual meditations, allowing greater concentration. Physically, the pearl may help balance bodily fluids and reduce heat in the body. The pearl can also calm nerves by decreasing feelings of anxiety and futility. In general, women and emotional persons are aided. Also, pearl and moonstone may help fertility and aid with the stresses of raising children. Natural pearls are much stronger than cultured pearls. Cultured pearls are mainly found on the market in the west.

Natural pearls can be quite expensive but are worth the price when one understands the powerful energy they emit. According to the ancient Vedas, natural pearls come from eight various sources. Seven of them are extremely rare and not to be found on Earth in the current age of Kali Yuga. They are "sky pearls" (from the sky), "cobra pearls" (develops within the hood of a cobra aged over one hundred years), "bamboo pearls" (found in the hollow of bamboo), "hog pearls" (found in the head of a hog), "elephantine pearls" (originates in the temple of a particular breed of elephant), "conch pearls" (found in a conch shell), and "fish pearls" (created in the womb of a fish). These pearls have various different powers of healing potency attributed to them. At this time no one is known to possess any of these pearls.

The source of pearls with which we are all familiar are those produced in a mollusk (oyster). As you may have heard the process begins with a tiny irritation from a foreign object within the shell of the mollusk, possibly a piece of sand or other matter. The oyster begins to coat this irritation with secretions of the substances, nacre and conchiolin. Over a long time layers are coated over one another, with the larger coating being the nacre. These are what is termed a "natural" pearl, created by non induced methods allowing the oyster to naturally create the pearl. Today the market is largely dominated by cultured pearls. Most natural pearls have been commercially harvested from the seas and are rarely found today.

Today there is a method whereby a piece of tissue is implanted within the oyster, along with a round bead of "mother-of-pearl", cut from the shell. The bead is then coated (in the same way as with a "natural" pearl) with layers of nacre and conchiolin. After a time period, the pearls are then "harvested". Today this is generally done at pearl "farms", in the Pacific Rim or in the Far East. The largest pearls in white, silver and black colors are often from the South Pacific. There are other sources from the Persian Gulf, South America, India and Sri Lanka. Due to the high cost of natural pearls, one can use cultured pearls to strengthen an afflicted Moon, however natural pearls are far more powerful than cultured and often warrant the cost, if a natural pearl can be obtained.

Pearls can be worn in either a ring or pendant.

Substitute Gems

Cultured Pearls, Moonstone and White Coral.

(Moonstone is generally much more powerful than white coral)

Moon Planetary Mantra = Om Cam Candraya Namaha (ohm chum chundraiyah nahmahhah)

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