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Contact Camille Harman at (818) 918-0824 or to book. Jeff is available to discuss the following topics, or you may suggest others.

  • Business Astrology
  • Astrology of Current Events
  • Medical Astrology
  • Astrology for Relationships and Family
  • Astrology of the Paranormal
  • Forensic Astrology
  • Astrological Strategies for Life

Speaker Testimonials

Jeff has the innate ability to engage an audience as well as connect one-on-one. He has a crafted gift that moves through him as he delivers information that is insightful, informative, and transformational.
Judy Weber, Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants, Santa Monica, CA

Thank you for your wonderful presentation to the Institute of Noetic Sciences Community Group on Friday night, May 4, 2007. I was really pleased with our turn out--it was really great for May in Tucson! There were over 150 people present. I hope you were pleased as well--many new faces, which is a wonderful thing. I know that it was because people were so very excited about hearing you and hearing about your topic, "Is the Universe an Interactive Consciousness? Ancient Methods Say Yes!!" Everyone loved your content and your style. And your effort to bring an even higher level of professionalism to your presentationwith all of the special equipment made the evening even more special.
     Your presentation--light, fun, informative, and stimulating, all rolled into one--was really well received. I know that you "woke up" many people and showed that astrology has much more to it than most people know or would even consider...your depth of knowledge is incredible--and your Power Point/film presentation was really compelling and very well put together and presented. It is amazing how we, in our western society have basically put "away" or put "down" such ancient knowledge, and how a struggle has developed between science and doesn't serve any of us well, and I am very pleased that we could provide this audience with a perspective rarely available.
     So, again, thank you for providing us with a talk that highlighted the thinking and issues behind new and ancient knowledge to consciousness as it exists for us all, whether recognized and honored or not, in this day and age!

Susan H. Cooper, Institute of Noetic Sciences Tucson Community Group
Jeff Harman was delightful! He answered questions with an ease that revealed deep knowledge of his subjects. When a group has studied and discussed metaphysics for years, as our group has, it is sometimes not expecting exciting new viewpoints and information. Jeff delighted everyone in attendance, and we would like for him to return.
J.T. Carran, Saddlebrooke Metaphysical Study Group

Our group Mind, Matter, Metaphysics, has been around for nearly thirty years. We have had many wonderful speakers come to share their knowledge, but we were truly in awe of Jeff when he spoke for our group. He was genuinely beautiful in so many ways that touched every one of us. We were blessed by the amazing depth and diversity of his knowledge on astrology. Jeff is a real treasure, and we are thankful for his being.
Debbie Molnar, Mind Matter Metaphysics

I am writing this testimonial due to the great lecture I received from Mr. Jeff Harman. The discussion focused on Astrology, Vedic and Western, and I was frankly amazed at his ease of providing very detailed information in a very comprehensive and understandable manner.The discussion also connected other metaphysical concepts which showed the breadth of his ability to integrate other modalities into his discussion. I have met few people who have that level of mastery in the metaphysics community, and he truly impressed me! I have been here in Tucson for almost two years and was frankly concerned that deep metaphysical discourse was just not available. Attending his lecture really proved me wrong! Jeff would be the type of person that you would instantly want to talk to for hours because of his open and warm nature. I would easily attend any discussion he may choose to give because speakers of his caliber are a joy to behold! He renewed my faith in Tucson!
Chris Sparks, Mind Matter Metaphysics

Thank you for speaking at the MUFON meeting this past Saturday. You passed along some very valuable and timely information in a way we all understood. I have never seen that group sit so still for so long! It is very obvious that you have a great deal of compassion for people, and a wonderful sense of humor. And the two of you (Camille was there) really compliment each other.
     I feel that I need to tell you that within the first 5 minutes of your talk I felt, very strongly, a very large presence to my right. I challenged them, "Are you of The Light" Do you walk in The Light?" and received a very definite but quick "Yes!" in reply. Whoever this was, they were "on duty," and very focused on you, assisting you. They reminded me of the large guardians that I felt present when loved ones were passing into the next life--benevolent, but fierce in their concentration, and very strong.

C.B., Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Pima County, AZ

I forgot to take the pills last night which usually allow me to sleep the night through. Good omen, though: I awoke and heard you on-air. I know little or nothing about astrology, never read my horoscope, et al, but you were GOOD, and the information you provided was fascinating...too much so, so I lost sleep which I'm going to catch up on NOW. I'm a Life Coach/Career Coach and onetime public speaker for 25 years, and I'm not easily impressed: you're good! And you definitely brought the aura of professionalism and authenticity to a field which is often "suspect."
D.S., Veritas Radio Listener

I've just finished listening to your interview on the Veritas Show. It was fabulous. Thank you so very much for sharing your expertise with us. I was completely void of any information about astrology. I had no idea astrology could be so specific. You've opened a door for me. I've got to learn more about it now.

H.B., Veritas Radio Listener

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