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Mars = Red Coral

"A clear, soft, cool, and finely red coral is auspicious, conduces to prosperity and is an antidote to poisoning.” – Mani Mala, Part I, 356. “The coral is sour, sweet, specific for cold and biliousness, nutritious, and grace imparting; and the wearing of it is very beneficial to women.” – Mani Mala, Part II, 66.

Red Coral is the primary gemstone for strengthening Mars. Red Coral made of deposits of calcium and secretions from the invertebrate "coral polyp". The deposits are built up in a structure resembling plants with branches. This creature generally lives in calm water and builds the corals in depths from 20 feet to as deep as 1000 feet. Red corals are this color due to iron oxide within them and are generally found in depths of 100 to 150 feet. The shallower the water, the darker the color of coral and, obviously, the deeper the water the lighter the shades of color found. To strengthen Mars, wearing a red coral stone (best), or strand of beads is recommended. The deeper red it is in color the more potency it will have.

I have seen startling results from proper use of this gem, even in the area of sexual desire and performance in men. Unfortunately, this gem is in short supply due to uncontrolled farming of our seas. It is now illegal to take coral from the sea, so all that is on the market is from previous stocks, and the finest qualities are considered very rare. The wearing of this stone will increase vitality, courage, and the ability to work on endeavors through to their fruition. Physically it is said to strengthen the immune system, the muscles of the body and the male reproductive system. Generally we recommend a red coral gemstone weighing 8 carats (a minimum of 6 carats). The main sources of red coral were the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Africa, Australia, Taiwan and Italy. I have also been receiving some red corals from Tibet. Red jasper may be used as a substitute for red coral, having similar properties but in a lesser degree.

Substitute Gems

Red Carnelian and Red Bloodstone

Mars Planetary Mantra = Om Kum Kujaya Namaha (ohm koom koojaiyah nahmahhah)

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