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Marriage and Family Astrology

Compatibility Reading: 1 hour $300

Wedding Astrology Package: Date/Time for Ceremony, Compatibility Analysis, Gem Prescriptions $750

Astrology can give great insight into relationship compatibility. I'm not talking about Sun sign compatibility you get in the magazines. I look at many factors in compatibility charts and can illuminate all areas of concern such as intellectual, sexual, spiritual, financial, and emotional compatibility.

If you decide to get engaged, consider consulting with me regarding Vedic Gem Prescriptions for your wedding rings. Everyone should know which gems that they should wear and which ones that they should not wear. Diamonds aren't for everyone!

Once you have decided to get married, please, please, please consult with me for an auspicious time to say your vows. Wedding elections can be somewhat complex, as there are many factors involved such as other people, the wedding location, honeymoon plans (use astro-location to pick a good spot), etc. I cannot stress enough that the energy that exists at the moment you say your vows will lock in the fate of your entire marriage.

I have many examples of great marriage elections, and if you are already married, I can examine your wedding date and time and give you a reading on your marriage energy. Renewing vows is a great way to lock in a different marriage energy.

My wife and I were married at 10:35 on a Wednesday morning because we were determined to lock in a great energy blueprint for our marriage.

Conceiving and Birthing Children

Conceiving a child can sometimes be a challenge. In any case, ideally, it should be a conscious decision. There are cycles in a person's life that correlate with childbirth. This applies to both women and men. Moreover, in the case of a woman, there are astrologically derived auspicious dates for her to conceive.  For instance, in a given year, there may be only four dates that conception should be attempted.

These planned attempts should include spiritual preparation and cleansing. The ancients believed that the conception of a child was a spiritual act that should be undertaken with purity and good intent.

When a child is ready to be born, God designs a way for the child to enter the world with the astrological blueprint the soul needs for this lifetime.

Nevertheless, free will allows parents to have a hand in scheduling when the child will be born. This applies, for instance, with a scheduled induction or C-section. When these circumstances exist, it is advisable to consult with an astrologer to select a window of time for an auspicious birth.

Understanding Your Children

Astrology is a valuable tool for better understanding children by observing their unique personalities, temperaments, and life cycles. Many hidden energies affect us all, and there are many underlying lessons we are all learning. With astrological information you can better understand children for their individuality and better aid them in their journey through life. Often issues which seem trivial to us are very important to a child's development, and when we as parents understand that, we can better address the issues at hand. Disabilities or behavior problems are more clearly understood after examining the child's natal chart, location energies and various time cycles and life path.

I offer modified Personal Readings for children and teens. I offer sessions with parents regarding their children, as well as readings tailored to the comprehension level of older children or teens themselves. Compatibility charts can also reveal relationship and karmic issues among family members.

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