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Ketu = Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye

"It is regarded by some nations as a sacred stone used as a charm against witchcraft.” – Mani Mala, Part I, pg. 269.

The gemstone for Ketu is Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye. The finest quality stones are lemony, yellow, often referred to as "milk and honey." The outer part of the stone is honey in color, the inner eye is whitish, milk-like color, which flashes as the stone is turned. Darker varieties are not generally as powerful. Dark or any black imperfections are to be strictly avoided. It is known that wearing a stone with dark imperfections can cause early demise or bad luck, as many ancient texts do state.

Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye has been known to increase powers of psychic abilities and clairvoyance. It also has the ability to bring spiritual awareness, if the individual's chart indicates these tendencies.

It was believed by the ancients that Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye protected the wearer from diseases, epidemics, drowning, negative spiritual attachments and harm from enemies.

Gamblers and sportsmen have claimed it can bring greater intuition and luck in gaming.

Because Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye amplifies the Ketu energy, it is critical that great caution is taken before wearing Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye. It is important that a competent Vedic Planetary Gemologist examine the chart of the wearer, as Ketu is considered a malefic (bad) planet and wearing Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye strengthens Ketu. Therefore, if Ketu is maleficly-placed or aspected in the astrological chart, it can magnify problems for the persons who wear it without proper prescription.

The source countries are India, Burma, Sri Lanka and Brazil.

Substitute Gems
Apatite Cat's Eye may be a less costly substitute for Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye, although its effects are less powerful.

Ketu Planetary Mantra = Om Kem Keteve Namaha (ohm kame kaytevay nahmahhah)

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