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Jupiter = Yellow Sapphire

“The (yellow) sapphire is sour, cool, and curative of abnormal oxidation, causes appetite, and brings fame, wealth and wisdom.” – Mani Mala, Part II, 65.

Yellow sapphire is the primary gemstone recommended for Jupiter. The yellow sapphire enhances the qualities of love, calmness, generosity, wisdom and compassion. It serves to strengthen the Jupiter energy in the astrological chart.

It serves to enhance concentration, love and often brings great material abundance and prosperity. It also strengthens one's wisdom and ability to perceive intellectual and philosophical energies. It also improves meditation practices, and many find that wearing a yellow sapphire magnifies feelings of peace, tranquility and joy.

The yellow sapphire can also greatly increase the general energy of a person, help to maintain a more even body weight and strengthen the immune system. Jupiter rules the liver, lymphatic and respiratory system. Yellow sapphires enhance the Jupiter energy in the chart .

A good-quality, yellow sapphire should be clear to the eye and of a clean, lemony-yellow to golden-yellow color. It is not advisable to purchase a heat-treated stone, as the crystalline energy pattern made naturally is altered, thereby affecting the gems natural energies. One can usually tell a heat-treated yellow sapphire, because it is a darker orange-gold or brownish yellow color. Heat treating makes the gem useless for energetic and healing purposes.

There are times untreated yellow sapphires are found in a a darker, more intense or extremely deep color, which can look treated. An expert gemologist can tell the difference. Also, a certificate can be requested, for a slight additional cost, to insure the gem is not treated.

Yellow sapphire is best set in rings or pendants of yellow gold and, if in a ring, is best worn on the forefinger next to the thumb (Click here for Hand and Finger Correspondences for Gemstones.) It may also be worn on the ring finger (next to the smallest finger).

There are several sources of yellow sapphires including Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Australia and Africa, but the only place that consistently produces enough natural (unheated) material  is Sri Lanka.

Yellow topaz or citrine quartz may be substituted for yellow sapphire, although the potency is less. The important thing is to take advantage of the powers of gems according to your own means. If worn properly, with faith and determination, achievement of the desired effects will come about quickly.

Substitute Gems

Yellow topaz or citrine quartz may also be substituted for yellow sapphire, although the potency is less.

Jupiter Planetary Mantra = Om Brm Brhaspataye Namaha (ohm brim breehahspahtahyay nahmahhah)

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