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Clearing People or Property(by quote.) This service is based on your predicament. I will instruct  you on various clearing protocols, which should be done at a good astrological time for best results. Some clearing can be done by me, remotely or in person. Some I refer to others. Call to discuss.

Many times there manifests in people, their aura, places or things unusual energies that confound rational explanations. Having much experience in this vast field I have often (humbly and with great caution, I might add) been able to help people or improve these situations using spiritual and energetic clearing techniques, including Kaballistic spiritual cleansing, Vedic Vastu (the science of space), and Ancient Traditional Astrological methodologies. When the energies are such that I may choose not to do this work for a particular situation, I may refer you to trusted colleagues.

These matters are often very intricate and sometimes precarious, and they are not to be taken lightly or without great caution, consideration, humility, and research into each particular situation. Morever, there may be times when the Divine Providence rules these matters are not to be tampered with. Call if you ever have a need for this service. Please read a few excerpts from ancient texts regarding these matters below.

The Sepher Zohar (The Book of Splendor) [Bereshith B] 356.

Rabbi Shimon said: Woe to the sons of man, for they are not aware and do not take heed nor search for knowledge. They are all blindfolded and do not know how full the world is with strange and invisible creatures and things. If permission were to be given to the eye to see, people would wonder greatly as to how is it possible to survive in this world.

William Lilly
Author of Christian Astrology,1647
"And Whereas I mention these words perhaps the house was unlucky some may cavill at the words, and say, GOD's blessing is alike in all places, and it's superstition to judge, a house that is not a living thing, can be made unsuccessful, let these enjoy their opinion still; there's not a man in this world less superstitious than my self, yet what I have found by experience, I freely communicate, and doe remain of this opinion; the ministering Angels of GOD seeing the villainy done in that house, and to the dishonor done to GOD therein, do accurse that place or house; which continues so long, as there is a full expiation made by some Godly person, for the sins committed in that house; or until the time by the angry Angel be expired, the house shall remain a most unfortunate house for any to live in: And this which I write , and is inflicted upon houses which are insensible, I assuredly know is performed to the full upon the great and smaller families of this world."

The following is a list of techniques I utilize and how they apply to paranormal investigations and private consulting in these matters.

Natal Astrology
Along with intuitive techniques, I use a person’s natal astrology as the astrological blueprint with which they were born, calculated by the date, time and location of birth. It reveals strengths, weaknesses and personality traits. It can also reveal spiritual, mental, and physical afflictions. I use complex methods of tropical and sidereal techniques of Classical and Vedic disciplines in the analysis. 

Dynamic Analysis of Transits, Various Progressions and Dasha Periods
Secondary astrological information regarding person is also calculated using the current time and from the birth date, time and place to analyze current astrological influences for any given time period in the person’s life. This can reveal time periods that indicate susceptibility to paranormal attack or other misfortune. The condition of the transits, progressions, directions and various Vedic dasha systems are powerful indicators of various trials and tribulations one may be experiencing.

Interrogation Astrology
This type of astrology is extremely useful when a person’s birth data is unknown. It is useful in forensic work, for finding lost objects, for making decisions, and for general information about a specific inquiry. This technique would be useful for a team making a decision about searching for a hidden object or for gaining information about an unknown element of an investigation such as whether a problem is a ghost or demonic entity. Examples include deciding where to dig for treasure and if treasure will be found in a given location.

Astro-location Astrology
This technique examines places. It can apply to examining a person’s energetic relationship to a given point on the globe, using data generated with the date, time, and place of birth. There are permanent and temporary energies for everyone at any given place. This information is useful when looking at the compatibility of a person with a given city.

Electional Astrology
Electional astrology is the art of choosing a time to do something important, such as get married, buy a house, schedule surgery, sign a contract, etc. It can also be used retroactively to examine the energy of an act that happened in the past. For a paranormal show, it can involve looking at when a home was purchased to see if the astrological indicates problems with the ownership of the house. If the date of construction for the house is known, that can be analyzed as well.

Kabbalistic, Vastu and Ancient Vedantic Practices
I have studied with many teachers and have studied advanced techniques in the Ancient Kabbalistic, Egyptian and Vedantic techniques regarding clearing of people, places and spaces in connection with angelology, spirits and discarnate soul migration. I use advanced clearing techniques which utilize many secret elements of the sacred Kabbalah, Vastu and other sacred mystical arts to help in analyzing and clearing techniques.

Dowsing is an energetic technique useful for reading energy at a place and for finding targeted objects on a property. It is also good for binary questions.

Property Clearing
I utilize various ancient techniques to clear properties of unwanted energy. These include astrological timing for beginning prayers and using tools for clearing.

Personal Clearing
Various ancient techniques are used to clear people of unwanted energy. These include astrological timing for beginning prayers and using tools for clearing. Gems, yantras and mantras are also useful, and are prescribed using Vedic Astrology. Proof of gems assisting in working on a person’s energy field are visible with Kirlian photography.