Jeff Harman

  Conjunction, LLC

Career Counseling with Astrology

Astrology can be a great help in managing your career throughout your life. A Personal Reading ($425) or Express Reading ($300) with a focus on career, is a great way to see what kind of work choices are right for you, as well as illuminate your specific strengths and weaknesses. If you are comfortable in your career choice, but have questions about making changes in the future, astrology will reveal the cycles coming up for you that will mark windows for change, and the nature of the change.

I have helped many people make decisions about their careers, gain confidence about career risks, exercise caution when appropriate, and even leave jobs gracefully.

I can also look at compatibility between you and co-workers, answer Interrogation Astrology questions about your career, and help you use Electional Astrology to select appropriate times to take action with important events such as signing a contract, opening a store, launching a product, or filing legal documents.

Sign contracts at auspicious astrological times!

Choose a college with the help of Interrogation Astrology and

Astro-Location Astrology.