Jeff Harman

  Conjunction, LLC

Please be advised nothing contained in any services hereunder or any services rendered by Jeff Harman shall be construed to give any legal advice, medical advice, investment advice, or any other professional advice whatsoever. All services referred to or rendered by a result of using any such services shall be construed as "for entertainment purposes" only. You should seek professional legal or medical advice when making any crucial life decisions.

​​Business Astrologyis available as a customized service for those wishing to start a business, analyze an existing business, examine the location of a business, check compatibility with partners or employees, or make business decisions. I can look at the incorporation date of a business as its "birthday" or use other criteria to evaluate the business. It draws from many services such as electional, interrogation, and astro-location astrology. You may be able to address many elements of a Business Astrology reading as part of a Personal Reading ($425) or Express Reading ($300.) Otherwise, schedule a custom Business Reading. 

Financial astrology is the art of using astrology to make investment decisions and make market predictions. I use a combination of methods, including looking at the astrology of world events, or mundane astrology, as well as looking at the charts of publicly traded companies. I can also look at the cycles of commodities and currencies.

My best technique in the area of investments is interrogation astrology, the art of answering questions. When you have a particular investment move in mind, you can ask me about it and the answer will be revealed in a chart cast for the moment you ask the question. In today's world of unpredictable markets and world events, this is a great tool to aid you in making decisions.

My clients often have me do elections, or choose auspicious times, for them to engage in investments. This combination of methods is useful in diminishing risk. I also have access to databases of the start times of publicly traded companies.