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Why a Vedic Gem Prescription?

Gems are very powerful, and wearing the correct gem can bring great benefits. Wearing the wrong gem can cause great harm to the individual by strengthening malefic (bad) planets. A vedic gemstone prescription is performed by a professional vedic astrologer called a jyotisha who make a diagnosis concerning the correct gems for you based on your natal chart. The accuracy of this information is critical. I have seen gems bring amazing benefits when properly prescribed, astrologically constructed, and charged by mantra.

There are two methods of gem selection:

1. Pratikul--A Pratikul planet's gem is chosen using a method for overcoming a weak planet in a person's chart based on the concept that a 'weak' (inauspicious) planet is strengthened by wearing a gem to enhance that planet and change the planet from being inauspicious (weak) to make the planet auspicious (strong).

2. Anukul--An Anukul planet's gem is chosen using a method for strengthening an auspicious planet(s) (exalted, mulatrikona, own sign, benefic, great friend, etc.) in a person's chart based on the concept that a strong or benefic planet will bring good results or luck to the individual wearing that gem. This method is safer and generally preferred.

Also the chart must be carefully analyzed to determine hidden and powerful energetic natural, temporal, and compound relationships that grahas (planets) have with one another prior to recommending any gemstone for a client.

It is important when combining gemstones in a setting that the gems are properly combined so that there is no conflict between their various energies. These and other matters are to be carefully considered by the Vedic astrologer trained in such things. I have spent many years studying and observing these effects firsthand and also collaborating with other vedic astrologers and getting feedback in these very critical matters. I feel a Vedic Gemstone Prescription is valid, having seen the effects--both beneficial and detrimental--to many people over the years.

Why Gemstones are Beneficial

The mystery of gem therapy is that wearing the proper stone aligning to your unique astrological energies can bestow amazing benefits. The wearer of a gem should work with an experienced Vedic or Kabbalistic practitioner to charge the gem in accordance with such advanced techniques at the beginning of wearing a gem. Not only adults benefit but especially Children may benefit significant improvements in learning abilities, focus as well as mental and physical attitude of the child. Finding the appropriate gems for adults and young children has been shown to be very effective in helping to focus intellect, reduce fatigue, calm hyperactivity and aid in feelings of compassion and love.

It is strongly recommended to have a Vedic Gemstone Prescription prior to any expenditure on gems to derive the maximum benefits and avoid any potential detrimental effects which the astrological chart may indicate.

The improper usage of gems, especially some of the more modern practices may have a detrimental effect on the wearer. Medicines, Treatments or Herbs would not be indiscriminately given to someone without consulting a doctor or health practitioner. The use of gemstones, astral-talismans and crystals should also be checked by competent vedic astrologer trained in vedic gemology by performing a vedic gemstone prescription. Improper use of gemstones can short-circuit magnetic fields of the subtle body or auric field and can result in potentially limiting to severe physical debilities in some cases.

Physical anomalies often correlate very accurately with medical and astrological diagnosis as seen in traditional and ayurvedic practices (Health). The various heavenly bodies have strong influences on the corresponding parts and organs of our bodies. Weak or malefic planets in the chart often manifests physically as a weakness in the corresponding part of the body affected by that planet’s cosmic energy. The proper application of gemstones have a subtle power to correct, strengthen and harmonize malefic planetary influences without the use drugs or side effects. They also have shown to protect the individual from harmful RF (Radio Frequencies) and shield from harsh psychic and spiritual influences offering the individual a calming, clearing energy. See Kirlian photography examples of the power of gems.

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