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January  13, KLAA Community Cares AM830 in Los Angeles

       5:30 am and 10:00 pm

January 24, The Fox Den, 7 pm EST/4 pm PST

Now booking Valentine's Day shows on Astrology for Couples.

Jeff was recently on LATV's The Zoo. Will put up direct link soon.

Jeff is now a Contributor on House of Mysteries Radio Show.

Jeff was interviewed in an article on VoyageLA, a web magazine

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Jeff Harman

From Jeff

Love him or hate him, I've been publicly predicting in interviews I've given since January 2016 that Donald Trump had the strongest astrological factors to win the Presidential Election of 2016. I was one of very few astrologers predicting his victory. Vedic Astrology was the key to my decision.

Here's one clip from a January 2016 X-Zone Radio interview. Scroll to 12:30 for my analysis.

Here is a clip from Veritas Radio in January 2016. Scroll to 49:35.

Here is a clip of me with Jimmy Church on Fade to Black in March 2016. Scroll to the 54:00 mark.

 Jeff Harman

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