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I was recently interviewed on Joe Rupe's Lighting the Void and

 Rob McConnell'sX-Zone Radio in Canada.

I was the guest on LATV's The Zoo.

Now a Contributor on House of Mysteries Radio Show.

Here is an interview article on VoyageLA, a web magazine.

From Jeff

Love him or hate him, I publicly predicted in interviews I've given since January 2016 that Donald Trump had the strongest astrological factors to win the Presidential Election of 2016. I was one of very few astrologers predicting his victory. Vedic Astrology was the key to my decision.

Here's one clip from a January 2016 X-Zone Radio interview. Scroll to 12:30 for my analysis.

Here is a clip from Veritas Radio in January 2016. Scroll to 49:35.

Here is a clip of me with Jimmy Church on Fade to Black in March 2016. Scroll to the 54:00 mark.