Jeff Harman

  Conjunction, LLC

The Express Reading is like the Personal Reading without the Tropical Astrology. It is a great reading for those who have previously had tropical astrology readings. The rate for this session is $300. It lasts approximately one and a half hours and includes a folder of documents mailed to you and an MP3 sound file of the session e-mailed to you. I ask that you be at your computer to enjoy screen sharing through a link I will send you. Also, as the session is very visual, I recommend screen recording from your end, if desired. For screen recording I recommend using Quicktime on your Mac, or if you have a PC, you can download the screen recorder program from

I will need your birth date, place, and exact birth time, as well as your current home city and state. If the exact birth time is not known, I will need to schedule a rectification phone call prior to the session to determine a best guess of your birth time. This is $75 extra.

I will also mail you documents after the session. Postage is $5 for U.S. and $20 for international shipping.

The Express Reading includes the following components:

Vedic Astrology
Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish, is the ancient astrology of India. It uses a sidereal or star based reference point for its charting. You will get a Vedic natal chart, which I will go over with you. You will also get charts of your dasha cycles. These are planetary periods nested within each other, read somewhat like reading the odometer of a car. This system is highly useful for seeing the progression of the soul and for checking compatibility between people. I will discuss remedial measures, including prayers, mantras, yantras and gems recommended to mitigate astrological challenges.

Interrogation Astrology
Otherwise known as Horary Astrology or Prasna (in the Vedic system), this is the art of answering a specific question posed to the astrologer. It is useful for many situations including lost items, forensics, and any question which involves someone whose birth data is unknown.  Examples of Interrogations include, "Is it in my best interest to accept this job?" or "What will be the outcome of my choosing this or that person for the job?

I have coined the term Astro-Location for my comprehensive examination of place, specific to you on the globe. It includes Astro-Cartography, or maps of your best locations, as well as Relocation Astrology, and compatibility check with cities and states, based on their incorporation dates. There are natal influences that will be with you for life in a given place, and there are temporary influences that you may consider when deciding to live, work, study, or vacation in a certain area. I look at your individual astrology to determine your capacity to enjoy or tolerate the given energies in a location.